Welcome to our hotel

Welcome to Hotel Narva!

Our 3*** hotel is located in the heart of Narva, walking distance from railway station and bus station on one side and within five minutes walking distance from Narva Castle and Narva river on the other.

Hotel provides friendly customer service, comfortable accommodations and affordable rates.

Our rooms have a unique and splendid view to the river surrounded by the XIII and XV century’s old historical monuments: Herman's Castle and Ivangorod Fortress.

Hotel was completely renovated in 2004. The complex includes 14 single,  27 double and 3 triple rooms, as well as 3 business-class rooms and 3 suites. In each room there is a free Internet connection. Business-class rooms and suites are equipped with sauna and minibar.

On the first floor there is a restaurant, lobby-bar, a 40 seat conference and a banquette hall.

Certain rooms are designed specifically for handicapped and guests suffering from allergies.

Hotel has a non-secure car parking.

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